Monday, 20 October 2008

Some drawings



Kev Winter said...

I love the think A Tron!! you are a clever girl maybe this is why?!? I also like the bird feeder that the cold and windy beach that had me resorting to hiding in a telephone box? Also drawn the day i met Little Emma for the first time? x

Kev Winter said...

Oh yeah and that monkey... he was a dude!! x

emma fitzgerald said...

yeah i was just thinking before i looked at this comment which one youd like i thought bird feeder and beetle so i was half right.

yeah you weren't very happy about that wind, i really like the drawing though so i guess it was worth doing while you hid in a phonebox and took refuge in an arcade!!!

monkey owns hard, plud reminds me of that hlarious incident where pan was trying to show andy his photos and got snubbed

ho ho quicktime movie


Pan said...

I like the roofs rooves..

oh yes.. quicktime movie..

Brad said...

I like these. The birdfeeder one is particularly great, as it soemthing that drags your eye away from the centre of the picture - which is excellent diverting composition. The Brighton Pier is identifiable even though it's a sketch, which is pure talent.
Look at me! I think I'm an art critic.

emma fitzgerald said...

i love your in depth reviews of my work brad, thakyou very much!!!!!!